Amusing Text to Speech Tricks and Pranks

Published: 24th May 2011
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With the press of a button, you can set up a pc machine to simulate funny seems and humorous text to speech programs are the perfect unit for developing those funny net sounds.

The pranks generated can be merely amusing, or stunning, it really is up to you and what reaction or emotion you want your mark to encounter. The best text to speech tricks and pranks get the intended particular person off guard providing you the chance to observe with glee as the mark goes mental hoping to figure it out.

Like many jokes, humorous text to speech tricks and pranks are started out of frustration. It's during individuals moments of disappointment when trying to kind out a computer error when you see the option to make humor of the malfunction. A good situation in point of this is Spell Catcher. Spell Catcher observes what you're typing in every single program and then possibly corrects or says your spelling mistakes as you make them. Spell Catcher runs on Mac and Windows and plays a sound when you make spelling and grammatical problems. It really is exceptional for annoying co-staff-specially with the odd seems the plan helps make. A single can alter the sound it makes in to be either extremely loud or extremely unique/awkward.

Prank calls are also an additional common form of funny text-to-speech prank. There are a lot of possibilities for pranksters to use text to speech applications to make prank calls to their unsuspecting victims. The voices created can be altered to provide out the result one would like to deliver.

Yet another text to speech platform joke is setting up an appointment with a coworker to educate them a speech-recognition system. Then, prior to the meeting, set your wireless keyboard to the coworker's laptop or computer. Describe to him that the application needs a sample sound so as to recognize his voice. As he tends to make his demo sound have a coworker kind up some gibberish on a text to sound program so that the computer says full diverse things than expected. Watch with glee as your target commences to get disappointed, talking louder and altering his pronunciation as he to tries to make it operate. A great prank if pulled off properly.

Last but not least, a fundamental, nevertheless amusing text to speech prank is to just have your computer "punk" a co-worker or good friend. Just wait till he and other people are all around you and then have a bunch of trash all set to go. Fire up your text-to-speech application, and allow your personal computer tear into the target. I personally have completed this & it was hilarious...

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